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We believe that all churches can grow.  No matter of whether your church has 20 people or 2,000 people, every church is uniquely called by God to reach the lost and connect them with a living Christ.

We help churches uncover the unmet needs of the community and connect it with God’s vision for growth.  We help churches gaps in living out this calling and how to make strategic changes in your church from clarifying the mission to implementing programs to take the first steps toward church growth.

Meet Kim and Eric.Combining the best of church and secular practices for growth

We are a husband and wife team that has worked together for over 20 years to help churches grow.
Kim has been a pastor of growing churches in urban, suburban and rural settings for over 17 years. Her transformational leadership helped her churches turn around after years of decline and more meaningfully reach out to their communities with the love of Christ.
Eric brings 18-years of corporate strategy and marketing experience, working with many Fortune 200 companies and for the church at the local, conference and general church levels to help drive change.  He has authored over 30 articles for United Methodist Communications MyComm newsletter to help churches connect with their community.
Together, we combine the best of the secular corporate world and church practice to deliver the newest skills and trends with a sound theological understanding to create positive change.

We’re Here to Help.Learn how we can help your church grow.

W e work with churches and non-profits to understand their unique context and develop relevant paths for health and growth.  We walk along side your organization throughout the effort to understand your church and community, identity potential gaps, develop strategic changes and then bringing them to life.

Church and Community Assessment

Every church is different just as every community is different. We take the time to understand the past, present and future of both to identify potential avenues for growth using interviews, observation and even quantitative data.

Vision and Mission Development

People without a vision are lost. Many churches has a sense of their mission, but we help clarify and focus our church’s unique vision, mission and calling to help get the church focused on a single direction.

Growth Strategy Roadmap

We work with your church to define a 3 year growth strategy and create a concrete plan to implement it. This is a holistic plan in how your church will rethink its people, processes and programs to carry out God’s unique calling for the church.

Communication Strategy & Design

We help churches improve community awareness and engagement as well as internal communication. This may include developing a communication strategy, creating a clear and consistent design, and developing web, social and print materials to support outreach efforts.

Guest Readiness and Welcoming

Be ready to receive new guests. We help churches look at how well they welcome new guests and integrate them into your community of faith in a systemic way.

Event and Program Execution

We help churches turn plans into actions including defining and executing momentum events to connect with the community, redefining discipleship processes, or streamlining how the church gets things done so we can focus less time on meetings and more on ministry.

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